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Tax Checklists & Information


Personal Tax Checklist and Fee Schedule: Regular PDF   Fillable PDF

Statement of Business Activities: Regular PDF    Fillable PDF

Statement of Real Estate Rentals: Regular PDF  Fillable PDF

Statement of Farming Activities: Regular PDF   Fillable PDF

Medical Worksheet: Regular PDF    Fillable PDF


Form to Apply for a Business Number  

AgriStability Questionnaire  

AgriStability Cash vs Accrual Calculator  lock


Application to Change Your GST Fiscal Year or Filing Date

GST & HST Deadlines  

GST Return Working Copy

GST Netfile (file Your GST Through CRA Here)  

CRA GST Registration Page  



Apply for a Manitoba PST number

How to Apply for a Manitoba PST Account Through TAXcess   lock

PST Exempt Products and Services



Federal Personal Credits Return Form

Fillable T4

Payroll Deductions Tables  

Manitoba Personal Credits Return Form  

CRA Payroll Deductions Calculator  

New Employee Information Form   

Talbot & Associates Advisory Publications

Going into Business (Starting vs Buying)   lock

Starting a Business   lock

Proprietor vs Limited Company Decision   lock

Steps to Incorporate   lock


Effective Record Keeping   lock

Lease vs Purchase Decision   lock

Employee vs Independent Contractor   lock


Forms (PDF)


Application Form for Manitoba Primary Caregiver Tax Credit   lock

Form to Apply for Disability Tax Credit   lock

Employment Expenses
(T2200 – Declaration of Conditions of Employment)   lock
(Employer must complete for employee be able to deduct employment expenses from T4 income)


Form to Apply for a Manitoba RST Number   lock

Online application form that replaces Form T2050 (Application to Register a Charity under the Income Tax Act.) 

Tax Information

Manitoba Primary Caregiver Tax Credit  

Tax Free Savings Account  

List of All Deductions, Credits, and Expenses  

List of Provincial Tax Credits  

Deductions for Moving Expenses  



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