Capital gains, explained!

Capital gains, explained!   What is a capital gain? A Capital Gain is a very specific type of income that is commonlyfalse

Land Ownership: Personal VS Corporate

Farmland Ownership: Personal VS Corporate Any farmer – new and experienced alike – who has made the decision tofalse

Farmers, don't miss out on this tax deduction

Maximizing your Return by Claiming Office in the Home Deduction As with all expenses you incur, if they can reasonablyfalse

Tax Season Prep 101

Quick Tips & Reminders Deadlines Although it may seem simple, there are a few dates for tax season thrown around and itfalse

Farm: Capital Gain Exemption

Does Your Farm Property Qualify for the Capital Gain Exemption?  No doubt one of the biggest question farmers ask todayfalse

U.S. filing obligations

Are you a US citizen living in Canada? If you’re not up to date on your filing obligations (or don’t know what theyfalse

Farmland or Farm Shares

Gifting vs. Selling Farmland or Farm Shares.  If you are thinking of transferring your farmland or shares of the familyfalse

Self-employment or part-time business

CRA denial of losses from self-employment or part-time business.  Often times taxpayers who have employment income willfalse

Does your farm need a new vehicle?

What Qualifies as a Farm Vehicle?  According to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), a farm vehicle is one that isfalse

A good reason to incorporate a business

Incorporation – Tax Deferral.  A common misconception about incorporating a business is that it will provide immediatefalse